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From the beginning, Invicton Labs has focused on helping our clients create products and technologies that set them apart from their competition. By bringing together world-class experts in their respective fields and assembling development teams that are custom tailored for each project, we provide an elite experience where everything works the first time. Our focus on excellence has driven Invicton’s growth to become highly reputable specialists in the consulting, design, and implementation of complex technological systems. Through working with various high-profile clients including global consulting firms, national governments, tech start-ups, and the world’s most prestigious universities, the company has developed a keen focus on systems integration, cloud architecture, and Internet-of-Things applications.

When you have a high-profile project that demands extensive technical skills, cutting corners is out of the question. The unfortunate reality is that many businesses initially choose to work with margin-focused service providers, and often pay more in the long run when they later need to bring in a more professional team to perform redesigns and improvements.

That is why you won’t find any junior developers on Invicton Labs' roster. Providing consistently professional services requires working with highly experienced, accomplished staff. People like Kyle Kotowick, CEO and founder of Invicton Labs, who holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, form the core of our company. With an equally accomplished team of specialists behind him, Invicton Labs has gained a reputation as an industry-leading expert in technical consulting, cloud architecture, and complex systems integrations.

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