Introducing the brilliant minds that make up the Invicton Labs roster. As established professionals in their respective fields, each team member brings a unique perspective and technical expertise to support the growth and success of your business.

Get To Know The Team

Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.

Ceo & founder

The Founder and CEO of Invicton Labs, Dr. Kotowick is an expert in IT solutions architecture. With a Ph.D. completed in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and a wide array of experience with enterprise and startup clients alike, Kyle specializes in cloud infrastructure and internet-of-things    applications. He works primarily with AWS and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional.

Brad Hayes, Ph.D.

Machine Learning

Dr. Hayes is a world-renowned expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since completing his Ph.D. at Yale and his postdoctoral work at MIT, Brad has served as Chief Technology Officer of a cybersecurity firm and as a professor of computer science at the University of Colorado Boulder. He specializes in novel applications of ML/AI techniques for security, robotics, avionics, and many other fields.

Roger Dalal

Product Management

An accomplished product design and management expert with over two decades of experience, Roger has served as Chief Technology Officer for multiple successful startups. He specializes in user experience design, mobile application development, and technical account management.

Andrew Tang

Data Science

Andrew is our resident expert in data analytics and technical project management. As a Systems Integration Manager at Athena Health and as an MIT alum, he has extensive experience in analysis and reporting of large datasets, particularly in healthcare. In addition to data science, Andrew manages analytics projects with teams spread across the globe.

Andrew Pignato

Visual Designer

An accomplished visual designer, Andrew is a wizard when it comes to graphics and UI/UX design. With over 14 years of experience working with clients from startups to Fortune 500s, he transforms every visual component of our projects into a stunning and enjoyable user experience.

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