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Whether you're looking for a product redesign, solutions architecture, a cloud migration, or just some professional advice on existing systems, the consultation period helps both parties determine the estimated time, resources, and personnel required for your project.

Project Consultation

The likely starting point for you and your business, project consultation helps determine the scope of the project and answers important and immediate questions for more time-sensitive tasks.

Solutions Architecture

A high-level design proposal will help you determine the technical and business requirements for your product vision.

Evaluation of Existing Systems

Through face-to-face consultations and a technical review of your existing systems, uncover the source of persistent issues and get expert advice on potential improvements.
To get an initial understanding of your project and the services we can provide, click below to view our consultation packages and schedule a complimentary 30-minute call.


This is the stage where ideas become reality. Whether your project demands one or all of the services listed below, Invicton Labs ensures a high degree of precision and professionalism.

Hardware & Software Prototyping

The complexity and duration of this stage depends on the product itself, but always begins with determining product requirements and translating these into technical & architectural specifications. With this knowledge, Invicton assembles a complete development team and the hands-on work begins. The end goal of any prototyping process is to create a fully-functional, rigorously tested version of the product that’s ready to be taken into production.

Cloud Infrastructure

Nearly every technical project demands some level of cloud infrastructure work, so being qualified to work with major cloud providers gives our team the freedom to support any project. Our experience gives us insight into cost optimization and high availability design, while always holding security and resiliency as first principles. 

Systems Integration

Modern applications require a high degree of interconnectivity, whether you’re integrating on-premises systems with cloud providers, cloud infrastructure with 3rd  party external services, or embedded software with electronics hardware. This is a complex task that requires rigorous design, and we’re here help you through it. View some of our previous projects involving systems integration below.

Internet-of-Things Applications

One of the hottest fields in information technology, the Internet-of-Things is a concept that requires careful planning and forward thinking. Scalable and resilient cloud architecture is essential for an application that can have hundreds of millions of devices running in the field for years. Invicton Labs specializes in IoT applications and has extensive experience working with edge sensor networks and cloud data aggregation. Projects involving IoT applications can usually be broken into 3 components, often being developed simultaneously.
  • Device
    Designing and developing hardware and embedding software.
  • Cloud Integration
    Fleet provisioning, credential management, data streams, and command messaging.
  • Application
    Utilizing device data and bi-directional connectivity to support monitoring, analytics, and remote control.

To get an initial understanding of your business’s background and services needed, click below to view our consultation packages and schedule a complimentary 30-minute call.

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